Gin Masterclasses

Do you know the dark story behind the age old term of gin, “mothers ruin”?
How about that Gin & Tonic, were first paired together out of necessity rather than desire?

The long and rich history of Gin is as fascinating as it is delicious.

Come and join us at Scotch & Rye, suck in the prohibition-esque surroundings, and let us tell you all about this in-demand dram, at our popular Gin Masterclass!


  • Start off with a classic gin cocktail on arrival
  • Let us walk you through a brief history of Gin
  • Taste your way through a diverse and delicious range of 5 gins, with tonics and fruit pairings
  • Finish with a cocktail, paired expertly to your favourite of the 5 gins

£30 per person, advance booking necessary

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Whisky more your thing?  Then get in touch and let us build you a tasting package, tailored to your specific needs!