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Both bartenders this month will showcase Great Glen Gin in their cocktails!

Published: 31 January, 2022

We are back on track this month with our brand new shake off challenge! 

For those of you who are not familiar with our shake off challenges - two bartenders go head to head to create an amazing cocktail that wins over the public vote! We launch them both for the entire month where each time a cocktail gets chosen we tally it on the blackboard! The winner gets bragging rights until the next challenge. 

This month we have the newbie Oliwia vs the old-timer Aidan

Oliwia's cocktail is called 'Jacqueline e Acida'
Made with Great Glen gin, Aperol, flat prosecco syrup egg & lemon. Named for the Still used to make Great Glen gin and a homage to the mother of one of the distillers. This is a great sweet, sour & bitter cocktail!

Aidan's cocktail is called 'Boozy & Boujee'
A Scottish twist on a Vesper using Great Glen gin, Dancing Puffin vodka, Oban 14, saline and home-infused coriander & lemon white vermouth. 

Who's got your vote this month? 

To try these tasty cocktails and put your vote in, simply click below to book a table or call us.

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