I can’t believe its not alcohol!

All of the fun…none of the hangover!

Whether you partaking in ‘Sober October’, pregnant, T-total, or just simply ‘aff it’, at Scotch & Rye, you can now still enjoy a drink!

In 1920, in the United States, the prohibition act was introduced, banning the manufacture, sale or consumption of any alcoholic beverage.We lament these times by providing a suitable alternative which has taken us on a journey of thousands of miles, spanning many years. Our little collection here has little or NO alcohol whatsoever, yet still delivers the great flavours you would expect from Scotch & Rye!
This is launching on October 1st, just in time for Sober October, but we thought it was such a great idea, we’re going to make it a permanent feature here at Scotch & Rye!

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Because no alcohol, shouldn’t mean no fun!

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