Brand New Cocktail Menu!

Welcome to William Thomson’s bottling factory at 21 Queensgate.

Following the days of prohibition, Scotch & Rye has operated as a not so secret speakeasy, offering our own spin on time honoured classic cocktails, along with a few of our own bonkers creations.

But now, a previously undiscovered logbook of elixirs, creations and preferred libations from the era of Scotch & Rye, when it operated as a true speakeasy during the days of illegal alcohol trading, has been found!

Packed with delicious drinks, creative cocktails, and carefully curated wines, we bring to you this unedited mind map of 1920s prohibition chicago!

Expect candy floss cloud topped drinks, simple but truly special simple serves, Buckfast Boulevardiers, Boilermakers, Turbo Mimosas, Nitro Martinis, Sherberts, Acids, and much much more….

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Cocktail Menu

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Menu Launch – 2nd April 2019

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