The Shake-Off!

Our Monthly Shake off is on!

Two bartenders will go head to head each month to create you a new cocktail.

This month we have Nikki Estrada from Tigerlily fame with her “East of Eden”: Vida Mezcal, Rinquinquin, lime, banana oleo, pineapple, peychaud bitters.

“This drink is a representation of the time I lived in a Mexican Island in the Caribbean sea called Cozumel, a blend of two cultures based on their signature tasting notes bridging the gap between the smoke of Mezcal and the Sweetness of the Caribbean. East representing the Caribbean side of mexico= tropical flavours ( banana, pineapple). Eden representing Oaxaca where Mezcal is produced and described as god’s elixir hence the biblical reference.”

Nikki is going head to head with Scotch & Rye’s very own Aidan Mcgregor with his “Tropical Gimlet”. Olmeca Altos, Old J Tiki Fire, home-made peach and pineapple cordial.

“I feel this drink represents me due it being a strong, fruity sounding guy”

Which one would you go for?

Scotch & Rye

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